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Sea Moss Gel: FAQ

Sea moss  gel has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. Here are the most frequently asked questions about sea moss gel: 

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Making sea moss gel

Our products are carefully crafted with natural and organic ingredients, designed to nourish your body inside and out.

The Reviewer

The bladderwrack, burdock and sea moss drops come nicely presented in a lovely matching bottle and box ✔️easy to take ✔️
I like the secure lid makes it child proof ✔️
Love the berry flavour 😋 I find it very effective. I take for the many health benefits and would highly recommend 😁👍


Great product , super easy to prepare. Have purchased before ready made but as it would take quiet a while to arrive I decided to purchase the dried version and prepare it myself. Will definitely purchase again. Endless possibilities to prepare , in freshly squeezed juices with fruit and veggies, ,natural yogurt, coconut water, ginger, turmeric, etc , just be creative! 🤩

Kenzi B.

Customer service was great, the seller was very helpful, I will be ordering again as this one has a nicer texture than ones previously tried from elsewhere. And it arrived very quickly and well packaged!

Sea moss capsules with elderberry

Magarita C.

Awesome customer attention and advice and really fast shipment! I've only just started taking the capsules 2 days ago so no significant improvements to report but I will update the review once I see results. Highly recommended seller!!

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